Trucks For You commitment to Safety

As a Federal licensed for hire over the road contact carrier Trucks For You is committed to operating safety on our national highways. Since the introduction of the Department of Transportation’s CSA program in 2010, we have increased our safety staff, transitioned drivers from paper logs to e-logs, and have increased our driver safety training.

We are proud of the improvement we have made in the seven Safe Stat categories of CSA, particular the improvements in Hours of Service compliance and Driver Fitness. To see our current CSA scores, click the CSA logo in the right column where you can pull up our scores and those of any licensed motor carrier.

Driver safety Qualifications:

Prospective drivers must have a clean driving recording to be considered for hire and must operate safely to remain a contracted owner operator. Our Top Driver bonus program that can earn drivers up to .06 cents a mile extra pay requires that drivers have no CSA points and no accidents or incidents (at fault or not) each month. Those can be tough standards, but creating incentives for our drivers that encourage operating safely on the road is bonus for Trucks For You, our drivers, and the driving public.


Trucks For You Safe Stat Scores

Trucks For You is currently operating without any CSA alerts in the following seven categories:

  • Unsafe Driving
  • Crash Indicator
  • Hours of Service Compliance
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Controlled substance and Alcohol
  • Hazardous Materials (NA)
  • Driver Fitness


Click here to view Trucks For You’s CSA Scores:

Compliance, Safety, Accountability

Trucks for You Safety